Бюлетин на Дружеството на психолозите – 2018

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ПСИХОЛОГИЯТА И…АЗ – Запознайте се с колегата ИРИНА КИРЯКОВА




  • Making happiness last longer
    The happiness derived from a purchase may last longer for those who set broader goals for the experience.
  • Use of electrical brain stimulation to foster creativity has sweeping implications
    Researchers address neuro-ethical concerns associated with the increasing use of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES).
  • Neuroscience of envy: Activated brain region when others are rewarded revealed
    Researchers showed that part of the macaque brain alters the sense of value felt upon receiving a reward in a manner dependent on the receipt of rewards by one's peers. This finding on the neuroscience of envy provides insight into how all primates, including humans, compare their material wellbeing with that of others and are potentially motivated to c […]
  • Hardwired for laziness? Tests show the human brain must work hard to avoid sloth
    Society has encouraged people to be more physically active, yet we are actually becoming less active. This new study offers a possible explanation: Our brains may be innately attracted to sedentary behavior. Electroencephalograms showed that test subjects had to summon extra brain resources when trying to avoid physical inactivity.
  • Do we trust people who speak with an accent?
    A recently published study shows that unless they speak in a confident tone of voice, you're less likely to believe someone who speaks with an accent. And, interestingly, as you make this decision different parts of your brain are activated, depending on whether you perceive the speaker to be from your own 'in-group' or from some type of […]
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